Speed Line cable cam made in germany

SPEED LINE cable cam

Speed Line cable cam is filmmakers first choise if accurate, smooth and repeatable movement of camera is requiered, at tight places or no fly areas where to use a drone is simply not possible or alowed by the laws. No matter what kind of job's you're working on, our systems will help you to get the most dynamic shot you're looking for.

All Speed Line products are designed and high quality made in germany, each single product is hand assembled and tested before it leaves our house.


SPEED LINE cable cam SPL_ATC17

The most powerfull Speed Line cable cam we've ever build. A payload of 77lbs with a speed of 30mph unleash the capabilities of every type of camera and gimbal setup. The SPL_ATC17 cable cam cames with a separate sled and safety-cable so you can use it safe and legal above the crowds. 


SPEED LINE cable cam SPL_ATC16

The SPL_ATC16 is a leightweight cable cam system with a payload of 33lbs and a top speed of 30mph. Compatible to the most popular handheld gimbal like the DJI Ronin & Freefly Movi series.

6800€ exclude the local VAT

5500€ exclude the local VAT

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